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QMCA Innovation and Excellence Award 2017

Share your great ideas in the inaugural QMCA Innovation & Excellence Award 2017 and be in the running for a new iPhone 8.

QMCA invites member companies to nominate ideas or concepts for the inaugural QMCA Innovation & Excellence Award to be presented at the QMCA Annual function at the end of October.

The new award (which replaces the Annual Safety Award) seeks to recognise innovation and excellence in Civil Engineering Infrastructure, specifically ideas or concepts that have been successfully implemented in Queensland in the last 18 months.

For more information contact:
Sandra Poon, Executive Officer QMCA
Email: execo@qmca.com.au
Mobile: 0411 882 015


  • Current financial QMCA Member companies and their partners. i.e. A submission must include a QMCA member company
  • Submitted idea/concept/project must demonstrate innovation or excellence:
    • In Engineering Infrastructure sector
    • Be successfully implemented in Queensland last 18 months (Jan 2016 – ending June 2017)
    • Be new in Queensland
  • Entries submitted for previous Awards may not be simply resubmitted. However, where a previous entry has been further developed (such as a new stage of a project or an updated version of a technology) it may be submitted.
  • Entrants must agree for information submitted to be used for posters, slides, booklet, and QMCA publications. Entrants must assign copyright for such use of all entry materials to QMCA.

Judging Panel

  • Noel Dwyer
    Deputy Chief Engineer (Geospatial, Road Design, and Capability)
    Department of Transport and Main Roads
  • Christina Levinson
    Director and Principal Organisational Development Consultant
    iConnect Consulting
  • Karen Sanders
    Real Serious Games

JUDGING Criteria

All criteria have an equal weighting.

  • Originality – Is it a new and unique contribution to the civil construction industry in Queensland?
  • Impact – What are the implications?
  • Return on Investment – What is the benefit and who does it apply to?
  • Applicability – How accessible and easy to use?
    – Can it be made broadly available?
    – Does it fulfil a need/purpose?


  • Expressions of Interest (EOIs) are open Thursday 1 June and close Monday 10 July
  • Shortlisted Candidates will be notified on Friday 14 July
  • Full Submissions & Entry Fee ($1,200) are due by Monday 28 August
  • Site visits (if required) from Monday 4th Sept to Friday 29th Sept
  • Presentations and Awarded at QMCA’s annual lunch function, Thursday 26 October

Expressions of Interest (EOI) close 5pm Monday 10th July

Ensure all questions are addressed on the nomination form below. EOI’s may not be accepted for shortlisting, if requested information has not been completed.

Submission Details

Shortlisted entries will be notified by email on Friday 14th July.

Submissions will be open for shortlisted entrants from Friday 14th July until Monday 28th August. NOTE: Submissions must be received by Monday 28th August to be eligible.

Submission Fee – $1,200 (incl GST) non-refundable submission fee (per entry) payable with submission.

Submission format

  1. All submissions are to be in written format. However, video content (max 2.5 mins), PowerPoint presentations (max 15 slides) can be included in the submission. This content can also be used if a site visit is required.
  2. Three hardcopies of the submission to be provided plus one copy on USB via post. This is due to the potentially large size of the submissions.
  3. Maximum of written submission of 3,000 words including appendices, schedules etc.
  4. Single page summary nominating top 10 highlights. NOTE – This will NOT be included in word limit.
  5. Photos, approved for use at Awards.

Submission Content

All entrants must provide a clear and concise submission. Objective information should be provided to ensure the judges can appreciate the scope of the approach and degree of success obtained. All entrants must ensure the judging criteria requirements are addressed in their submissions. Entries will be judged based on the judging criteria and a site visit (if required) by the judging panel.

Submission Lodgement

Submissions are to be sent to:

ATTN: QMCA Secretariat
GPO Box 3254
Brisbane QLD 4001

Contact Lorelei Broadbent on Email: admin@qmca.com.au or Phone: 07 3211 4900 if you have any queries on the submission process.

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