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Awards FAQs

What constitutes a completed project?
The simple answer is one that has been completed and handed over to the client. However, sections of a major project that have been completed can also be entered if the full project has not been handed over or completed. For example, if your organisation has completed your work on a project, but the total project has not been completed, you can enter the project – for instance, you may specialise in soil remediation and have completed your portion of the work, but the completed project is still in delivery. In this case you can enter the awards for your element of the project.

Should I submit an EOI if my entry has not been approved by the client?
Yes, please submit an EOI. EOIs, enable us to assess the number of entries we receive and the suitability for their entry into the awards and the category. EOIs can be withdrawn if the project is not approved for entry. There is also no-cost for entering and EOI and we only need a very top level overview of your project.

Can I submit an EOI for an award entry prior to client approval?
Yes. Please do; it is better to have your EOI in so your project can be considered for the awards. If the project is ultimately not approved for entry by a client or your organisation, we can withdraw it from the awards.

Can I make an award submission prior to client approval?
Yes. It is better to have your project in the awards pipeline so that you do not miss any deadlines. Award entries can be withdrawn at any time. If an award entry has to be withdrawn, then we will not charge an entry fee.

Client Approval
We understand that client approval is required for award submissions and appreciate that this can take a number of weeks to obtain. We are happy to work with you and adjust award cut-off dates to ensure that you can enter the awards. In the event of submitting a project for approval and approval is refused, we will remove the project from the awards and will not charge an entry fee. The same will apply if your award becomes a finalist and further approvals are required – we will work with you to the latest possible date to ensure you can supply the materials that best showcase your project.

Further Questions
If you have any questions about the awards, entry processes or deadlines, please do not hesitate to contact media@qmca.com.au or call James on 0449 979 629.

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