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QMCA Olympics Paper – The opportunity for a sustainable legacy

Queensland Major Contractor’s Association has today released Building Beyond Brisbane 2032; Infrastructure requirements for economic growth and Olympic Legacy.

Authored by QMCA, the discussion paper focuses on the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a sustainable and lasting legacy of economic infrastructure that will help shape and guide the economic expansion of QLD for the next 20 years. 

QMCA CEO Andrew Chapman, “The QMCA firmly believe the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games should be viewed as an opportunity to invest in and deliver infrastructure for Queenslanders now and into the future. That economic infrastructure includes roads, rail, pedestrian links and bridges, freight and logistics, waste, energy security and water security.”

“Every dollar invested in economic infrastructure returns 8-10 times to the economy through jobs and productivity, ultimately leading to a greater gross state product, therefore the Olympics should be seen as a catalyst for growth, one that enables long-term economic opportunity through infrastructure.”

This paper prioritises list of potential investments and an outline of how to deliver and sequence them, taking learnings and lessons from other Olympic cities, including the specific components of this multifaceted endeavour so that the approach to building the required infrastructure fosters resilience, adaptability and success and leaves a legacy with a more diverse and capable local engineering and construction industry. 

“With an immovable deadline, the eyes of the world watching, and a highly competitive landscape for materials, resources and people, how all stakeholders collaborate to deliver the assets Queensland needs will be critical. Crucial to this is a collaborative program management approach via an independent delivery authority.

We must also be mindful that we have committed to a net-zero Games, which is ambitious and will require careful planning to ensure that local suppliers can be prepared to support the approach with technologies, alternative materials and construction methodologies. Our message is clear: we must commence our efforts immediately to ensure the success of the Brisbane Olympic Games.”

“QMCA have outlined a program management approach with an independent Olympic delivery agency at the core, as the pathway to success. By adopting this methodology, we can collectively (industry and government) proactively address challenges, optimise resource allocation, and maintain a comprehensive understanding of the progress made by each party involved in the program. This approach not only enhances transparency but also facilitates informed decision-making, thereby increasing the likelihood of a successful, on-time and within-budget delivery of the essential infrastructure for the Brisbane 2032 Olympics,” said Andrew.

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