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Sustainability and Community at the Heart of DD Group’s Approach

In an exciting development for this year’s QMCA Innovation and Excellence Awards, a new award will be presented for the first time; the DD Group Sustainability and Community Award, which recognises the programs and initiatives to protect the state’s natural environment, introduce sustainable practices in materials and technologies and connect communities associated with major project delivery.

We caught up with John Macnamara, CEO of DD Group to learn more about their organisation and their support for this new award.

People matter to DD Group,” said John. “Much of that care lays in our dedication to keeping Queenslanders safe, and safety goes beyond being equipped with the right safety solutions.”

“That’s why we are excited to be part of this year’s awards and to support a new award that aligns with our values. At their heart, awards that recognise the hard work, dedication, and skill of individuals and organisations go a long way in promoting the quality and expertise needed for a safe and productive construction sector.”

“The QMCA Awards offer this recognition and help to bring attention to the gold standard of the industry, all while highlighting role models for others to look to.”

“The construction sector is a vital contributor to Queensland’s economy, with each project an opportunity to do more for the community than provide shelter. However, large-scale projects can have a negative impact on the environment and surrounding communities. In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the link between sustainability, community development, and construction. This has led to a shift towards creating sustainable and environmentally friendly infrastructure that protects and preserves natural resources and engages with local communities.”

It was that shift, along with DD Group’s core values, led to their support of the new Award.

“The Sustainability and Community award is important to DD Group because it recognises and celebrates the projects that prioritise community development, sustainability, and environmental protection. This aligns with our organisation’s values and our commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices.”

“At DD Group, we believe that investing in local communities and preserving the environment is essential for creating a better future for all. We focus on accomplishing this through local investment in people, businesses, community, and the environment.”

“The Sustainability and Community award seeks to accomplish the same goals by promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly infrastructure that meets the needs of the community, preserves natural resources, and enhances the quality of life for those living in the area. By recognising projects that prioritise community development and sustainability, the award sets a standard for the industry to follow, promoting a more responsible and sustainable approach to construction and infrastructure in Queensland.”

“As a responsible corporate citizen, DD Group is committed to doing its part to make sustainable infrastructure that benefits both the community and the environment a reality. By aligning with the values and goals of the Sustainability and Community award, we strive to make a positive impact on the world around us and create a better future for all.”

Ahead of their first QMCA Awards, John reinforced the value of leading industry recognition programs as well as the excitement he and his team feel about being part of the industry’s biggest celebration, “This event will be a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the outstanding work that our industry has achieved, and to showcase the brightest and best that our industry has to offer. We are especially eager to see who will be awarded the new DD Group Sustainability & Community Award, and to learn more about the innovative and sustainable practices being implemented across the industry.”

“Additionally, we are looking forward to the opportunity to build stronger relationships with leaders from the contracting, engineering, consulting, government, and industry environments. Overall, we can’t wait to be a part of this event and to celebrate the achievements of our industry with our peers.”

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