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Strategic Plan

FY2016 – FY2018

1. The QMCA “Charter”

QMCA Purpose

Shaping the future of the construction industry in Queensland.

Our Vision

A safe, attractive, rewarding industry.

Our Core Activities

  • Collective Representation
  • Safety Leadership
  • Procurement Innovation
  • Skills Development
  • Industry Intelligence
  • Networking

2. QMCA “Values”

QMCA Brand Values/ Reputation (how we want to be seen from the outside)

  • Highly credible, ethical and influential
  • United and consistent
  • Effective

Operating Values (what’s important in working together)

  • Commitment to Qld’s construction industry and the “greater good”
  • Commitment to, and support of, QMCA’s position on issues
  • Transparent and ethical decision-making
  • Mutual respect
  • Do what we say

3a. Three year Strategic Plan

Member Firm Value Proposition

  • Collective representation
  • Industry intelligence
  • Industry relationship building (neutral ground)
  • Pipeline Planning
  • Stakeholder influence
  • Issue based lobbying

Create a (Office Bearers Steering Committee) to optimise member value though:

  • Structured two-way communication o Increased relationships/ cross-representation with other industry peak bodies
  • Maintain affiliation with ACA
  • Providing leadership on infrastructure pipeline planning, staging and stability (including the Major Projects Report)
  • Industry information from Government departments / agencies / other
  • Petitioning relevant industry issues
  • Being a dedicated, consistent and timely voice for major contractors
  • Increased member involvement
  • Promoting membership

Government Value Proposition

  • Single/ efficient point of industry engagement and support
  • Source of construction industry knowledge and ideas
  • Procurement Innovation

Create a sub-committee (Government Infrastructure SC) to advocate excellence in procurement and delivery through:

  • Promoting consistent contract conditions
  • Promoting appropriate risk allocation
  • Reducing cost of tendering o Minimising tender deliverables
  • Promoting appropriate securities
  • Advocacy for member issues e.g. engaging with Govt. about improvements around BCIPA
  • Developing guidelines for PPPs and unsolicited offers

Industry Value Proposition

  • Safety Leadership
  • Skill development
  • United voice/ point of contact
  • Future sustainability

Create a Training & Safety Sub-committee to optimise leadership in safety and environment through:

  • Promoting the major contractors’ safety performance/ value/ differentiation (statistics; awards)
  • Developing a common platform for measurement of environment leadership

Create a Training & Safety Sub-committee to improve industry capability and future sustainability through:

  • Increased graduate employability skills
  • Industry-wide accreditations and training
  • Promoting innovation in construction

4. Success targets for QMCA over the next three years

What success looks like:

Member Value

  • All genuine contender firms are members
  • GMs of all member companies actively participating in QMCA

Government Value

  • Fair, equitable and sustainable procurement
  • Consistent contract conditions
  • Pipeline management
  • Government advocacy of QMCA

Industry Value

  • Recognition of QMCA members’ superior safety and environment performance
  • Skills development framework for sustainable industry


  • Positive QMCA brand recognition
  • Constructive government and client influence

A copy of QMCA’s Strategic Plan can be downloaded HERE

Our members.

Acciona Infrastructure Australia
Bielby Holdings
BMD Constructions
Civil Mining and Construction Pty Ltd
CPB Contractors
Decmil Group Limited
Fulton Hogan
Georgiou Group
John Holland
Martinus Rail Pty Ltd
McConnell Dowell
Seymour Whyte Constructions