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Queensland Major Contractors Association has called for a long-term, collaborative approach to infrastructure planning to ensure that Queensland’s current and future infrastructure needs are met.

Speaking at the launch of the 2018 Queensland Major Projects Report, QMCA President, Peter Anusas, highlighted the need for a long-term collaborative approach to the development, funding and delivery of the major projects designed to drive the future prosperity of Queensland.

“At the heart of any industry there must be sustainability and this year’s report highlights that contractors, government, training providers and the private sector must take a more collaborative approach to building the state,” said Mr Anusas.

“More than any other industry, the construction sector feels the pain of boom and bust and in order to ensure they we have the capacity, skills, people and talent to be able to meet the needs of projects, we require greater certainty about when, where and how projects will be funded and delivered.

“The value of investment in infrastructure should not be underestimated. The pipeline projects alone will employ almost 13,000 Queenslanders, and the outcomes that projects deliver are significant. From short-term measures such as improved travel times, to enabling long-term economic growth, the delivery of infrastructure in a decentralised state such as Queensland, ensures our future prosperity and the sustainability of our regions.

“In Queensland we currently have a pipeline of projects worth close to $40 billion, however, the stark reality is that within that pipeline, 98 projects are awaiting funding commitments and 17% are unlikely to proceed. This creates significant uncertainty and when industry lacks certainty it lacks the ability to invest in people, equipment, technology and capability.” said Mr Anusas.

Contained within the 2018 Queensland Major Projects Report are several recommendations that can be implemented to help create certainty, build sustainability and ensure that projects are planned, funded and delivered cost effectively, efficiently and collaboratively to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Mr Anusas said that collaboration is at the heart of the recommendations, “By working together all stakeholders can ensure that Queensland has the infrastructure it needs, when it needs it, at a cost it can afford.”

“From improvements in planning, procurement and tendering, to investment in people, processes and technologies, there exists an opportunity to do things differently in Queensland and to create positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

“I would encourage anyone with an interest in the development of Queensland’s infrastructure pipeline to get a copy of the report and engage with QMCA, Construction Skills Queensland, Infrastructure Association Queensland and all stakeholders to start the process of collaboratively planning, funding and delivering the projects the state needs.

“In Queensland we like to be different and, in this instance, we must be different because we do not have the funding capabilities of New South Wales and Victoria. So, for our state to remain competitive, for our talent to be retained and our projects to be realised we must do things differently. To do that we must collaborate,” said Mr Anusas.


QMCA Chief Executive Officer, Jon Davies, used the report launch as a platform to call on all stakeholders to come together to collaborate on how the sector can best approach the delivery of the infrastructure the state needs.

“For QMCA, today’s report marks the day the talking stops and we start to truly collaborate as we seek to ensure there is a planned and funded pipeline of major projects in Queensland,” said Mr Davies.

“Our first action is to announce the launch of the Collaborate to Innovate Construction Summit.

“The purpose of the summit is clear, for senior industry stakeholders to identify opportunities for improved collaboration across the lifespan of major projects, that will provide a platform for greater innovation and improved productivity in project delivery,” said Mr Davies.

Details and expressions of interest for the summit attendance can be found at www.qmca.com.au/summit

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