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Hembrows Electrical Believes Industry Awards Spark Innovation

QMCA is delighted to welcome Hembrows Electrical as a partner for this year’s Innovation and Excellence Awards as the innovative Queensland-based organisation connects with the sector through their support of the Energy Fleet By Hembrows Design Excellence Award. 

We caught up with Director James Caldwell to discuss the significance of the Queensland Major Contractors Association awards to their organisation and the wider industry.

“The QMCA awards matter to us because they highlight changes in the industry and showcase what is being done extraordinarily well,” stated James. “We are inspired by the people driving these new ideas and aspirations and the new benchmarks they set for creativity, innovation and collaboration within construction and infrastructure.”

“We’ve eagerly reviewed the entries in our category this year,” James remarked. “We look forward to seeing the innovative projects and ideas being presented as it is essential to the future health of our industry that we celebrate the creative talents we have and use their leadership as an example for others thinking about a career in infrastructure to follow.”

“The construction industry is often not recognised as a hub for new ideas, but I believe the opposite,” James explained. “There are creative, innovative people in our industry that the wider community doesn’t celebrate enough. This award provides the platform to showcase their achievements, reflect on them as an industry, and share them with the wider community.”

James highlighted the broader significance of industry awards, particularly in construction and infrastructure, in attracting, retaining, and inspiring professionals within the field.

“Industry awards play a crucial role in attracting, retaining, and inspiring individuals in our industry,” Caldwell stated. “If we don’t celebrate the achievements and innovations within our sector, we risk losing out on attracting the best talent. Awards help us to reflect on the remarkable work being done by our peers and inspire us to push the boundaries further.”

Caldwell’s remarks underscore the importance of recognising innovation and excellence within the construction industry and the valuable role that industry awards play in fostering a culture of innovation and attracting top talent. Thanks for your support Hembrows Electrical.

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