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Queensland Major Contractors Association and Infrastructure Association of Queensland have welcomed the announcement by Queensland Government that Urannah Dam has been declared a ‘Coordinated Project’. This decision will fast-track investment into a significant utility project which will create jobs and provide numerous benefits to the Mackay, Whitsundays and Issac regions.

Bowen River Utilities is delivering the project, which will eventually realise a $2.8 billion investment into the region. When completed the development will comprise the Urannah Water Scheme (1500 GL Dam and Pipelines), the Bowen Renewable Energy Hub (1 GW Pumped Hydro) and the Collinsville Irrigation Scheme (22,500 ha master-planned high value cropping precinct).

QMCA CEO, Jon Davies, welcomed the announcement “A key theme of the 2020 Queensland Major Projects Pipeline report is the disparity between private and public sector investment. It is fantastic to see a project that shows a true collaboration between all levels of government, making significant progress towards commencement and supporting the stimulation of critical regional private sector investment.”

“The importance of investment in water infrastructure cannot be underestimated as it has the potential to support and grow many key economic segments including agriculture which is a critical pillar for the region’s future economic prosperity,” said Mr Davies.

Another key theme from the 2020 Major Projects Pipeline Report is the need for future infrastructure to tackle the impacts of climate change and to build resilience and capacity in utilities and energy generation projects.

IAQ CEO, Priscilla Radice welcomed Urranah Dam’s role in meeting environmental challenges head-on, “Environmental sustainability is a visceral issue for many Australians, particularly with recent disastrous bushfires across eastern Australia and crippling droughts and floods.”

“Sustainability isn’t just about environmental matters; it’s much broader – our economic sustainability is linked to diversity as this provides resilience. Queensland is faced with immense challenges as we transition to a low carbon world, but those challenges also provide extraordinary opportunities. Urranah Dam is a project that will help our state to meet the challenges that we are facing across water security, sustainable agriculture and renewable energy generation,” said Ms Radice.

Managing Director, Bowen River Utilities, John Cotter highlighted the critical role the Queensland Major Projects Pipeline Report played in discussions with the Queensland Government. “The 2020 Queensland Major Projects Pipeline Report identifies the Mackay Whitsunday Isaac region as urgently requiring new projects to come online. The data and insights contained within the report greatly assisted progressing our discussions with the Queensland Government to streamline the approvals process with an ambitious target of construction mid next year. This will represent a $2.8 billion project investment into the region,” said Mr Cotter.

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