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Visy Sustainability & Community Award

This Award recognises outstanding achievements in community relations, stakeholder management and engagement, and sustainability.


Brisbane Metro joins forces with Turrbal and TradeMutt

The Brisbane Metro project team has joined forces with the Turrbal Dippil Tribe and TradeMutt to provide employees with a one-of-a-kind, hi-vis work shirt featuring custom-designed Indigenous artwork. 

Developed as part of the project’s engagement and wellbeing strategy, the collaboration displays a respect for the Traditional Custodians of the land and encourages connection between project employees and their work community. 

The artwork was created by Kulkarawa Meeanjinu, an Aboriginal artist from Brisbane and a Turrbal Dippil Tribe and Gubbi Gubbi woman, with additional bloodline connections to Wakka Wakka, Kamilaroi, and Birri Gubba Country. 

The Brisbane Metro project team partnered with social impact fashion company, TradeMutt, to produce the shirts based on shared values. TradeMutt donates proceeds from the sale of its workwear to TIACS, a not-for-profit service that provides access to free mental health support for the blue-collar community. 

Key outcomes of the collaboration have included promoting the conservation of heritage values, encouraging connection between people and their work communities, supporting community wellbeing through well-funded mental health services, and fostering a positive culture around health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Bruce Highway, Cairns Southern Access Corridor (Stage 3) – Edmonton to Gordonvale Project (E2G)

HSA Group’s Bruce Highway, Cairns Southern Access Corridor, Stage 3: Edmonton to Gordonvale Project team — or E2G — has demonstrated a commitment to innovative and enduring outcomes, paving the way for a more sustainable future in the construction industry. 

E2G tackled the challenge of emissions reduction head on by implementing several carbon reduction and circular economy initiatives. In an Australian first, the team constructed more than 10 kilometres of shared path using a combination of eMesh reinforced concrete and substituting 100 percent of steel reinforcement with recycled plastic fibre reinforcement. In a Queensland first, the team collaborated with a local supplier to develop six solar-hybrid systems, significantly reducing diesel usage while providing reliable 24-hour power. 

Recognised as Tropical North Queensland’s Large Employer of the Year 2023 at the Queensland Training Awards, the project team played a pivotal role in upskilling the local workforce, significantly surpassing KPIs and building capacity in Far North Queensland. A significant 79.6 percent of the total contract value was spent within the local region and $16.3 million with Indigenous-owned businesses.  

In collaboration with local Traditional Owners, E2G identified and protected Indigenous sensitive cultural areas, artifacts and heritage sites, paving the way for deep cultural understanding and inclusion across the team.  

The team’s strong commitment to social sustainability has left a lasting positive impact in Far North Queensland. 

Cross River Rail Tunnel & Stations: Constructing sustainable legacies for Queensland

CBGU, a joint venture between CPB Contractors, BAM, Ghella and UGL, is delivering the Cross River Rail tunnel and stations package in Brisbane’s CBD.  

This iconic project was awarded a Leading IS Design Rating of 81.7 points in 2022, well beyond contractual requirements. The project team achieved this outstanding result through implementing a range of initiatives and programs. 

In the area of community engagement, CBGU established an education hub to promote community engagement, raised over $140,000 for the Leukaemia Foundation and continues to participate in STEM information sessions to raise awareness of infrastructure career pathways. 

The team’s commitment to environmental management has resulted in significantly reduced emissions. Other key achievements include using recycled crushed glass in multiple construction applications, and incorporating innovative design solutions for climate change resilience, particularly in flood-prone areas. 

With a strong focus on heritage preservation, the team has improved visual sightlines to heritage buildings, involving local archaeology students in the process.  

The establishment of the Training Employment Working Group has brought together a range of stakeholders to fast-track the creation of a range of training programs. 

The team also demonstrated outstanding engineering innovation capability, successfully underpinning the Inner Northern Busway using a novel technique. The initiative allowed the busway to operate without community disruption while foundations were modified. 

Hi-vis to low-carbon: Turning construction waste into a vital resource

In an industry first, Fulton Hogan has partnered with Australian startup BlockTexx and Vital Chemical to develop a new avenue of textile recycling circularity for the construction industry.  

Fulton Hogan delivered excess work shirts to BlockTexx to chemically extract polyethylene terephthalate – used in injection moulding and building products – and cellulose – used to make Vital VCell. 

Fulton Hogan then partnered with Vital Chemical to pair Vital VCell with Vital Bon-Matt Stonewell. Vital VCell is a product that returns carbon once stored in cotton textiles back into the soil and Vital Bon-Matt Stonewall is an erosion and dust control polymer. 

Initial results from the first application of the paired polymer on the Fulton Hogan Hull McIlwan Joint Venture project (Coomera Connector Stage 1) during early works indicate positive durability and no effect on performance post rainfall.  

With more than 100,000 litres of polymer to be applied over the life of the project, this innovative formulation creates a new avenue of circularity in the civil and construction industry by returning cellulose recovered from textiles to the soil as a carbon source. 

Townsville Ring Road Stage 5 - Community Engagement Strategy

Georgiou’s Townsville Ring Road Stage 5 (TRR5) project implemented an innovative stakeholder engagement strategy, emphasising tailored consultation and community involvement in design and construction. The community and stakeholder relations strategy, achieving high ISC v2.0 ratings, ensured community consultation on negotiable topics. 

The project engaged local industries, fostering knowledge sharing and addressing region-specific topics. Prioritising engagement with local Traditional Owners, the Gurambilbarra-Wulgurukaba people, the project included cultural initiatives, employment opportunities, and a mural for the Townsville Street Art Trail. 

The project excelled in ISC ratings, third-party evaluations, and community feedback, while maintaining low complaints despite media scrutiny. Collaborating with Carlyle Gardens Lifestyle Village was a significant achievement, where the team proactively addressed concerns through a monthly reference group, resulting in design changes and improved relations.  

The contractor-led stakeholder engagement, following established IAP2 principles and ISC best practice, was a pioneering approach for a regional project of this scale. Continuous improvement, with regular reviews and shared lessons, contributed to ongoing project enhancement. The TRR5 project sets a precedent for effective stakeholder engagement, demonstrating adaptability, community collaboration, and commitment to sustainability. 


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Our innovation, manufacturing and logistic capabilities are organised around an integrated closed loop. Together, they give life to tailored solutions that deliver enduring value for our customers, partners and communities.

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